About us

International Investment Fund INCOME EXPERT. Officially registered in London, UK. The main office is located in London. Additional CIS customer service is located in Moscow, Russia.

The key company’s idea is to maintain a stable and high income while using various unlimited assets. We choose the most promising and highly profitable areas and do not ignore the classical investment activity forms. The fund's capital management is carried out by the analysts’ team formed of experienced employees, the best world universities graduates who have passed through the most rigorous selection. More than 250 professionals are the first to cover and control all global related information and financial flows. The fund helped to stay ahead of events and use the best investment opportunities by well-established information channels, inaccessible to the majority.

Our fund differs from others since we earn only when you earn.


  • Eddie Briched,INCOME EXPERT LTD
    Founder and CEO,
    London, UK
  • Alexander Lobikov,Director of
    Moscow, Russia